Smallest Room In The House…Most Details To Consider

A Lot of Detail and Planning Must Go Into Creating a Well-Designed Bathroom.

Lovette ConstructionAre you looking to create a master bath oasis or simply create a better space for your children and guests? While it may be one of the smallest rooms in your house, it’s likely the most used space in your home!

You can’t understate the importance of planning and attention to detail, especially in a bathroom. Has your contractor asked you what you keep in each and every drawer of your bathroom? Have they walked through the typical daily use of your bathroom with you? Nowhere in your home is the importance of form and function as important as the look and aesthetics. Every square inch of your bathroom must be planned to perfection and then it must be built with a lifetime in mind.

Just like in a kitchen remodel, the pre planning phase of a bathroom project is critical to staying on time and on budget. If a contractor tells you they can start your bathroom project “right away,” this should raise a huge red flag. Do you really want to be without your bathroom for 10 weeks because you found out the tile you chose has a six week lead time?

At Lovette Construction, we will not start a bath project without having all of your selections decided and ordered so that our time in your home is minimal and streamlined.