About Us

The Lovette Difference

Lovette ConstructionIn case you missed it on our home page, we work in an industry that revolves around our clients’ most important assets: their homes. Our clients are emotionally invested in their homes and this is typically the single largest monetary investment that most of our clients have, and will ever have, in their lives. 

In short, people trust us to design, engineer, build and remodel their homes. Your children, friends, and extended families sleep, eat and live in these spaces. You are trusting us to make them beautiful, functional and safe. Coming into your home is a huge responsibility and one that we take seriously.

The Three Pillars Of Our Company

The building process is a complex system where combinations of materials and trades must all be managed to form the best result. It is our mission at Lovette Construction to make this process as simple and easy to understand for our clients as possible.

We operate on the mantra of “Trust, then Verify” in every aspect of our business and we pass this belief onto our customers. In fact, we are one of the only contractors to offer its clients a PROJECT PORTAL.

Our clients have access to a state of the art on­line portal where you can see and track every aspect of your project. We believe in being completely open with you about the details of your project. You will see every event related to your project on a detailed schedule and be notified of any change orders and have the ability to approve or reject them BEFORE the work is performed. No surprises — no sudden “unexpected” charges.

Our clients trust us with their homes and we strive to “think like owners” on every aspect of their project. Every member of our team, including subcontractors, adheres to a strict standard of ethics, conduct and craftsmanship.